Soul Art By Ruta

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About Me

“I fell in love with art at a very tender age. I remember making the most beautiful ‘mud pies’ and bouquets from my mum’s precious garden. And just like mothers do, she noticed the spark and helped me alight it into a blazing fire. I’d take private art lessons, and that’s when I found out I was the happiest when I made art. So I sought a Master’s degree in fine arts.”

“Now, here I am. With skills, spirit and lots of schooling in all things art, the little me who had her hands soiled till the elbows, having fun creating something beautiful with whatever she found around her, something which she didn’t quite know what it was, rediscovered it, learned it, and mastered it. “


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Explore My Paintings

Capturing the essence of life through the brushstrokes of art.
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