This is what we can expect to see from meme stocks in 2024

However, that’s not to say all meme stocks are companies without any sort of solid business fundamentals. In fact, there are some speculative stocks that may have significant upside that retail investors are getting right, from a business model perspective. While not an all-encompassing description, retail investors from Reddit and other social media chatrooms have been banding together and seeking out stocks with high levels of short interest. Since a large percentage of short-sellers are institutional investors or hedge funds, the rise of the retail investor has taken on the feel of a David vs. Goliath battle. Roundhill Investments came out with a meme stock-focused ETF in December of 2021 under the ticker symbol ‘MEME’.

  1. As a result, BYND stock, which less than three year traded for nearly $200 per share, now changes hands for around $8.80 per share.
  2. Via its DGX systems, NVIDIA is also penetrating the artificial intelligence (AI) markets.
  3. This, coupled with success with its turnaround efforts, points to a promising future for the company.
  4. But after making some big moves well before and at the peak of “meme stock mania,” shares have cratered in price because of poor operating performance.
  5. The chances of federal pot reforms still appear questionable for 2022 too.

If you’re bullish crypto will make a comeback next year, consider this stock another way to play it. Siga’s sales rose 92% year over year to $16.7 million for the period ending June 30 after an influx of orders for Tpoxx. Roaring Kitty’s real name is Keith Gill who was also on Reddit as u/deepF…Value and active on the subreddit r/wallstreetbets. Gordon Scott has been an active investor and technical analyst or 20+ years. © 2024 Market data provided is at least 10-minutes delayed and hosted by Barchart Solutions.

And 22% are more careful about the sources they use for their investment research; additionally, 15% are more careful about diversifying their portfolios. After the GameStop incident, some hedge funds suffered significant financial losses, while some retail investors made millions. Other meme stocks emerged after GameStop, some with varying degrees of success. beaxy review Meme stocks have no exact definition but often experience sudden, volatile price swings on high trading volume driven by users of social media sites. Online stock discussions in investing-focused forums have taken off this year. The two original meme stocks, GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment (AMC), have risen 684% and 1,470%, respectively, in 2021.

Market sentiment analysis

It also has the best stock symbol AI when AI integration and usage is a major tailwind. AI shares peaked at $183.90 in December 2020 before selling off to a low of $10.16 in December 2022. The short interest climbed on a bearish report released by Hindenburg Research, which sent shares falling by nearly 40% before surging through its yearly highs, peaking at $48.87 in June 2023. Tupperware has virtually no competitive advantage, and its sales model is a hindrance rather than helpful. The company also sells kitchen utensils and products from cutting boards to measuring cups.

What Is a Meme Stock?

The case that a short squeeze could be precipitated was then developed and touted on Reddit and other investment forums. In addition, big investors, such as Scion Asset Management’s Michael Burry and Chewy co-founder Ryan Cohen, also took long positions. GameStop, among the first meme stocks, is a prime example of how the retail investor community identified a highly shorted stock and used a short squeeze to work in their favor. Ultimately, a short seller may run out of available funds to hold on to the short and will be forced to buy back the shares at a higher price and close out the position. If many shorts are forced to cover at once, it adds additional upward pressure on the stock’s price as they are all forced to buy the stock and cover at ever higher prices.


It’s also beneficial for cancer patients with low or unhealthy T-cells. One of the biggest threats is the potential for graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), where the donated T-cells attack the patient’s healthy cells as it views them as foreign. ALLO shares reached a high of $55 in May 2020 and fell to a low of $4.30 in June 2023. It connects borrowers with lenders, including more than 60 banks and credit unions, to find the right match. The company claims that deriving a credit score is more accurate, reduces lenders’ default risk, and provides borrowers with faster and more personalized loans. UPST reached a high of $401.49 in October 2021 and fell to a low of $11.93 in May 2023.

Cons of meme stocks

The company has not profited in its operating history since its launch in 2009. On November 22, 2022, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas warned that CVNA could be a $1 stock due to the deteriorating car market and high interest rates. In this article, we will review six stocks that could be the next big meme stocks leading the resurgence of the meme stock craze.

There were serious concerns last year that Dave & Buster’s might not survive. But more than a year after the coronavirus pandemic was declared, things look to be perking up. The other notable factor is the combination of short interest and short ratio (also known as “days to cover”). As of May 28, Blink had nearly 12.5 million shares held short and a float of 35.9 million shares.

This is known as a short squeeze, and it accelerates a stock’s price increases as more and more short sellers are forced to bail out to cut their losses. Unlike online pump-and-dump schemes aimed at defrauding unwitting investors, the promotion of meme stocks largely involves buying and holding with the above-mentioned strong hands even after the price spikes. Here is a list of six stocks that may usher in the next meme stock frenzy or just short squeeze by themselves.

Retail investors have been buying up the stock, hoping to cash in on stronger sales numbers. Meme stocks are actual stocks listed on exchanges and available for trade. However, critics argue that their price performance and appeal have little to do with their fundamentals and much to do with their entertainment value as speculative playthings, much like casino games. Then, in January 2021, the short squeeze that The Roaring Kitty had suggested took place in earnest, with the price of GME shares exploding to nearly $500 amid a frenzy of short-covering and panic buying.

The main victims of the squeeze ended up being a handful of hedge funds, some of which were forced to shut down due to heavy losses. As a result, the meme stock concept adopted a David vs. Goliath or Robin Hood connotation of taking from the rich Wall Street elite and rewarding the small retail investor. To have a short interest over 100% means there are illegal naked shorts. The float was also relatively small, at just over 56 million shares. Many astute retail traders figured if GME shares were to rally, it could cause a crazy short squeeze as the overcrowded short side would be forced to cover to avoid taking large losses.

Even after the meme stock surge and bust, speculators are always searching for the next meme stock. Top meme stocks have certain requirements to qualify as potential meme stocks. Their fundamentals should be pretty negative, which draws in bears and short sellers who expect the stock price to fall lower. Logically, this makes sense since the fundamentals usually determine a company’s underlying stock price.

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