39 Side Hustles and Online Jobs for College Students 2022 Ultimate Guide

You can also work as a game tester and test new games before they are released to the public. If you love trying new products and giving your opinion, then this job is perfect for you! As a product tester, you would be responsible for testing out new products and giving feedback to the company about your experience. Companies use your feedback to improve their products and make changes before they release them to the public. To be successful in this role, you need to have a strong social media presence with a large following. You also need to be able to show that you’re influential in your niche and can persuade others to take action.

best remote jobs for college students

Put your job-seeking skills to use by helping others write or edit their resumes and cover letters. While this is usually more of a gig-based online job, recruitment companies may also hire remote workers to help. Virtual good remote jobs for college students internships provide valuable work experience and allow you to gain industry-specific skills while working remotely. Many companies offer virtual internships in fields like marketing, finance, and technology.

Side Hustles and Online Jobs for College Students [2022 Ultimate Guide]

If you find yourself in the former category, you can actually make some extra cash just by taking and selling your notes for popular classes. Websites like the ones below allow you to upload your class notes, set a price, and then sell them to other students. Many companies hire game testers with no experience, but https://remotemode.net/ you will need to show that you can play games and have certain skills such as good communication and attention to detail. This type of job needs workers around the clock to help customers out in different time zones, so you can choose to work in the morning, day or night so you can make money around classes.

If you have good people skills, enjoy helping others, and have a reliable internet connection, you could be a remote customer service agent. Companies will pay you to provide customer service to their clients via phone, email, or chat. All you need is a computer, a good pair of headphones, and a reliable internet connection.

Virtual Data Entry ($2,083 – $4,333/month)

With a visually appealing and user-friendly portfolio, you can make a lasting impression and increase your chances of landing your dream remote job. This is how to make a realistic income -either part-time or full-time. As a stock trader, you will be responsible for buying and selling stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments for your own portfolio.

You can design and sell your own merchandise (e.g. T-shirts, tote bags, phone cases) without having to invest in any inventory. All you need is a design, and sites like Teespring will take care of the rest, including printing, shipping, and customer service. If you have a pleasant voice and know how to use recording software, then you can make some extra cash being a voice-over artist. There are all sorts of things businesses need voice-overs for, from promotional videos to educational content like how-to videos. And, of course, many businesses need voice-overs for their commercials. At the end of the list, we also answer some FAQs and share resources on how to get over some common obstacles people face when attempting to make money online.

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Wiith the elimination of geographical constraints, online work opens up a wide array of job opportunities for college students. They can access roles and internships that were previously inaccessible due to location, broadening their professional horizons and gaining exposure to diverse industries. Transcription offers the flexibility for college students to listen to audio recordings and convert them into text, allowing them to work from home and manage their time effectively. Some remote jobs are more flexible than others, but most of the time you can work whenever best suits you. Some remote jobs require you to put in a certain number of hours or days each week, while others will simply ask you to time-manage and make sure you meet your deadlines. As college students gain more experience and build a strong portfolio, they can potentially increase their rates and earn a higher income from video editing projects.

  • For new web developers, it’s best to start with smaller projects like editing existing websites rather than building new ones.
  • Projects on Fiverr range from $5 to $995, and you can offer three versions of your services at three different price points.
  • Companies use your feedback to improve their products and make changes before they release them to the public.
  • As technology continues to develop, remote jobs are becoming a more accessible and more popular form of flexible working.

As a freelance consultant, you can offer your services to advise businesses on their social media strategy. You may not think of yourself as a teacher, but if you know a specific area that others want to learn about, you can create an online course and earn money from it! Look on any course platform and you’ll find courses on everything from cooking to app development to creative writing. Companies use PowerPoint presentations for all sorts of things, from sales pitches to training materials. If you’re good at using PowerPoint and have some creative ideas, you can offer to do freelance work as a PowerPoint specialist. Your job would be to help businesses create better PowerPoint presentations that will engage their audiences and help them achieve their goals.

This student’s college application process was extremely stressful for everyone involved. If this won’t be your first job, then you may have some technical skills from previous jobs to add to your resume. It’s always a good idea to mention that you have strong industry specific skills, know how to manage projects, or have had experience leading and also being a teamplayer. You might even be able to find a part-time job in the gaming industry, which is helpful if you’re in a major like graphic design or computer science.

  • Working remotely is a great way for college students to earn money and gain experience in their chosen field.
  • Like other jobs on this list, you can work for yourself and be the boss.
  • These platforms allow students to filter their search based on flexibility, enabling them to find part-time or project-based remote work that aligns with their academic commitments.
  • Working this kind of remote job in college is a great way to develop your hard and soft skills.
  • If you have experience with SEO, marketing and social media, this could be the ideal job for you as a college student.
  • In this article, we overview eight of the best online jobs for college students, including required skills and recommended resources for each.

If you have experience with SEO, marketing and social media, this could be the ideal job for you as a college student. While taking surveys isn’t exactly a job, it’s a flexible and easy way to make extra money online when you have extra time. For many jobs, working from home as a college student requires only a computer and an internet connection. You may also need a high-quality webcam and microphone to tutor or teach English as a second language. Unlike in-person jobs, a flexible online role can work around your college courses and study schedule. Below we highlight some benefits of working remotely while in college.

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